Conceptual Artist | Abstract Expressionist

Manuel Moreno, 1.973

Graphic Work

Restless, an observer always in search of the essence, Manuel Moreno is a conceptual artist and an abstract expressionist. He has for 10 years developed a plastic work powerfully connected to the senses that captures the Tachisme tradition from his beloved ’40s and ’50s.
He is constantly learning, and his key principle is to experiment with media that lead to new results and new forms of expression. Each project leaves an imprint which serves as a roadmap for the next work. This is how each creation becomes a challenge that remains alive and keeps vibrating in the next one.
After several solo exhibits and works featured in cultural and academic spaces, he is now taking the challenge of showcasing his work in professional channels. There, exposed to expert views and the general public, will the powerful message of his work hold a two-way dialogue.

His active call to take care of the environment is reflected in the use of recycled materials in many of his works, where reclaimed canvases, fruit crates and wood find a second life conceived with imagination and respect. A second chance for things that offers a new interpretation for the spirit. More than creating an intellectual impact, his works aim at causing immediate shocks through color and texture in an elegant and rhythmic manner.

Leticia Pérez-Lafuente Suárez
Journalist and Communication Consultant