MISCELÁNEA aims at adding value through the view of the photographer Luis Rivera and the oil-paint interpretation by Marian Zurita, together with other artists from Marta Catalá’s workhop.

In photography and in painting, as it happens with other arts, there is no one single process. Regardless how insignificant the process seems, it may be reasonable as part of a formula. This is why through this combination we aim at immersing the viewer in two parallel realities.

As William Blake put it: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite”. In this exhibition we try to manifest the different views that an artist has while contemplating a photograph. Without knowing why it was taken or the feeling that made the photographer choose it as a unique image at that very moment.

It is said that the act of painting has a life of its own and we need to let it surface.

The viewer will be able to enjoy both media, enjoy that stolen moment and what a brush can create.



Place:  San Chinarro Cultural Center. Madrid

Dates: December 5th through December 14th, 2014

Display: Marian Zurita y Luis Rivera

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