Casa Decor 2014 Exhibition, Madrid


In my visit to Casa Decor this year, I enjoyed myself seeing some of the spaces that I’m mentioning below. Among them, different ways of creating a painter’s workshop and other works drew my attention. Spaces must inspire and stimulate, and Casa Decor knows how to create them. A great event worth visiting, with designers that provide us with fresh and innovative ideas.

Telva Magazine in Wonderland

Magical atmosphere made possible by designers Rotaeche and Santayana, paired with Chanel’s elegance.




I would love to have a workshop as charming as the space in Telva magazine, put together with the warmth and subtle decor created by Mariles Cervera in her painting and reading studio.

A space that invites you to come in and start painting, creating and dreaming of your next works— only that I’d feel bad about making it dirty!




Great Mughol (Gran Mogol) is a dream made true and created by the Carrillo sisters, a study that is theoretically located in Asia but that could perfectly well be in Paris too.

I was drawn by the artwork on top of the sofa, it filled the room with light and life.




The auditorium space entitled Between the Ephemeral and the Intangible (Entre lo efímero y lo tangible) conceived by Mina Bringas, Guillermo Bellod and Marta Maldonado landed the Jury Prize thanks to the “strength of the idea that is the base of a project that finds a brilliant solution for its shape and use, as well as its symbolic character”.

The reason why I wanted to show it in my website is the great mural painting showing street scenes, musicians and color that gave this space a very special feel.



Pictorial Works I found interesting during my visit..









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