SOROLLA and the United States. Mapfre Foundation



I had the chance to visit this exhibit this week. I knew that I wouldn’t be left indifferent by Sorolla and that, once more, I would be overrun by his light. I’m forever fascinated by his mastery of color, by the movement of his scenes coming to live with those brush-strokes that may seem random and that, seen as an ensemble and from a certain distance, are breathtaking.

The show, organized by the Meadows Museum (Dallas), the San Diego Museum of Art and the Mapfre foundation, with support by the Hispanic Society of America and the Meadows Foundation, arrives in Spain for the first time.

This Sorolla exhibit opens showing us how, years before he arrived to the United States, some of his most important works were already part of North American collections. Many of them had been taken there by European dealers who acquired them in exhibits in Paris, Munich, Berlin or London. The most renowned and awarded works, such as ¡Otra Margarita! (Another Marguerite!) and ¡Triste herencia! (San Inheritance!), were not acquired by the Spanish government and found a place in the United States, a country that is now giving us the opportunity to enjoy them.





The influence from Velázquez and Nordic artists enriches Sorolla’s painting, who combines European trends and social realism, being able to master the themes in fashion while using his own unique, magnificent and original style.

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